Inside Out: Liz’s Documentation Raises the Bar

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Liz (plus Go Go Cat and Koo Koo Kitty)
Location: Herald Square
Size: 1600 sqft
Favorite: the light
Years Lived In: 10

Liz is a commercial and art photographer and grew up in a carriage house on the upper east side with two fashion photographers as her parents.

These few facts determine much of her design influences, her understanding of space, and the vast collections she tries not to amass.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

“Do I want walls or do I not want walls?” is a question Liz continuously asks herself. Having grown up in a studio, she doesn’t feel compelled to make a clear delineation between work space and live space. When Liz moved into this space, it was a graphic design company full of cubicles and low ceilings. She put in a few architectural elements, but mostly she stripped stuff away.

Liz’s last apartment was a 270 sqft studio with high ceilings. She had vastly more stuff than she does now including a collection of 24 chairs that she acquired in far flung parts of the world as well as at her neighborhood 26th Street flea market. Eventually, when she moved in here, she wanted to enjoy space for space’s sake. So, she went on a “thing diet,” gifting huge numbers of artifacts to friends. Her other approach for minimizing stuff has been to photograph it instead of buy it.

Documentation is not only Liz’s profession, but her mode of operation on almost every level. Part of the impetus of documentation is preservation. “I think he gives up more [fur] because he knows what I am doing,” says Liz of Koo Koo Kitty, source for Liz’s 8″ in diameter fur ball. These fur balls, plus the felted fur, a book of images, some enlarged close-ups of cat hair, and some object collages are all part of what Liz calls the Fur Project. It is a way for Liz to celebrate her cats as well as to memorialize them when they are gone.

At some point, Liz would like to do a gallery show of the Fur Project but she already knows that when it comes to the fur balls, “I’m never going to sell them.”

Originally Posted December 20th, 2006