Inside Scoop on NYC Storage

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Storage is a sin. We hate storage. True, there is a certain Silence of the Lambs drama and archeological fascination with storage facilities, but most of the time storage is mundane and ill-advised. It’s about indecision and ripoff. It’s about sweeping problems under the (extra, unnecessary) rug. OK, that being said, storage can be a terrific short term solution when moving or renovating, and so it’s good to know the inside dope. We found this great article rating and reviewing six storage companies in our midst: Storage spaces are a second home for many New Yorkers. Which one fits your needs? The line up:

  • Tuck-It-Away

    And the winner is?? Manhattan Mini (by rating…). (via MYMag – Photo: David Leventi) MGR

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