Insignia 37" LCD HDTV: Specs

Insignia 37" LCD HDTV: Specs

Sep 4, 2007

What's so special about this TV? What's not so special? We went from a 19" flat tube and no cable to this with high-def cable, it's definitely a huge upgrade--and trust us, we're not looking forward to going back, but we'll have to, after we give it away.

It's also important to separate what's cable-related vs. what's TV related, such as channels that don't come in HD are definitely poorer quality with fuzzier text and graphics. Due to the TV's size (on a small TV, less fuzz would be apparent) and the fact that the TV is calibrated for HD means that non-HD channels can be fuzzier. But as more stations are offered in HD, that will become less of an issue over time.

This TV comes with "720p," meaning 720 lines make the vertical resolution; the "p" means progressive technology. Other options are 1080i (interlaced) and 1080p (progressive). "In the USA, 720p is used by ABC, Fox Broadcasting Company and ESPN because the smoother image is desirable for fast-action sports telecasts, whereas 1080i is used by CBS, NBC, HBO and Discovery HD due to the crisper picture particularly in non-moving shots," according to Wikipedia.

The 37" made us feel at first like we were sitting too close to the TV, but that's adjusting from a 19", and it really wasn't a problem to get used to it. Of course, technology will continue to improve, as is the case with most everything, but this TV will carry you well into the future, and for the price, you'd get a good deal. It's available over at Best Buy, on sale right now for $720.

Of course, free is always better, so enter to win this TV ASAP!

We'll have more reviews and info on the TV as the week goes on.

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