Inspiration: 5 Reasons to Feel Great About Being Green

Inspiration: 5 Reasons to Feel Great About Being Green

Amber Byfield
Mar 4, 2010

There are some days when we're trudging up the stairwell (saving a minute amount of the building's energy by avoiding the elevator), organic leftovers packed in a lunch tote, reusable water bottle adding extra weight to the recycled-PET computer bag slung over the shoulder, hair a damp mess because we refuse to use the hair dryer... and we think,
All this for what, exactly?

Here are five very good reasons that we continue to make green choices.

5. Every small change counts. What starts as a small step quickly snowballs (for instance, one refillable bottle became eliminating disposable plastic bottles from our lifestyle). No step is too small.

4. We're healthier for it. Everything from the stairs to the organic diet to the elimination of toxins from our general lifestyle is adding healthy, happy years to our life!

3. The planet is healthier for it. Little by little, we're making progress toward a better planet. For every small change we make, the earth breathes a little easier.

2. People notice. Almost every day, someone new catches us coming out of the stairwell and vows to do the same. Coworkers and friends mention that they're paying closer attention to what they eat. A close friend has also ditched the use of the hairdryer. One person being green eventually inspires many others to do the same.

1. In the end, it just feels so very nice. Healthier decisions for mind, body, soul, and community.

It doesn't seem so tough any more.

(Image: Flickr member brandongreer, licensed under Creative Commons

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