Inspiration: Decorating With Grass

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I have to confess: I’ve never associated grass with Easter before, but I love that so many people are trying their hands at growing wheat or cat grass inside. I think we should make it a more permanent feature in our homes: it’s colourful, it’s organic, it grows nearly anywhere, if you grow wheat grass you can use it in the kitchen, and if you use cat grass your pet will love you forever. Plus it’s super easy to maintain. Who’s with me!?

1. I love these little clay pots filled with grass and set in a row. They would work as a centrepiece or on a mantle or even on a windowsill. So sweet.

2. Unlike some plants grass doesn’t need a whole lot of space so you can create your own planters for them in any shape or colour that suits. You can also trim and shape it however you like so it’s completely customisable.

3. This planter lets the grass grow more freely which is a nice change from tight sets of manicured grass. It also exposes the seeds, which are pretty impressive in themselves.

4. As well as being colourful and amazing to touch, wheat grass or sprouts can be used in the kitchen.

5. If I needed any more proof that grass can grow anywhere, these tiny egg shells convinced me! Now I’m thinking of all the things I have lying around that I can grow grass out of.

6. This outdoor table has had a grass top added and I think it’s gorgeous. I’d probably spend my days running my hands over it and I might get a bit compulsive about trimming it. But I’d love to try adding grass to some old indoor pieces.

7. Grass can look so striking in minimalist spaces. It can be colourful and cheerful and bring the outdoors inside but still be quiet and contained. You can find a wheat grass how to here.

8. Buckets of grass on a windowsill would filter the light, provide more privacy and still brighten up a space.