Inspiration: Decorating with Neutrals

Ordinarily we’re drawn to interiors that positively pulse with bright color. Nevertheless, there’s a lot to be said for the calming, sophisticated feel of a room decked out entirely in neutrals. Ivy’s impeccable flat demonstrates how three basic principles are all you really need to make a neutral scheme work…

We’re all familiar with these three design must-dos, but Ivy does an especially nice job with them, creating a peaceful, light-filled space with neutrals without sacrificing visual appeal.

Texture. The interplay of textures in Ivy’s rooms adds depth and interest. Wicker accessories, a shag rug, a driftwood wall hanging, the quirky rope-like bannister… all of these details work together to engage the senses, ensuring that her apartment is anything but blah.

Contrast. Ivy makes great use of black and other dark colors, creating focal points to punctuate the swathes of beige and white. We love the way she’s used her chalkboard-painted kitchen cabinets as a space to create pattern rather than for shopping lists or doodles.

Accents. Using plants and accessories, Ivy adds pops of color for balance. In her reading nook at the bottom of the stairs, she’s hung some colorful wallpaper samples (planning to frame them soon), since papering a whole wall is out of the question in her rental. Above the bed, a series of blue-tinted album covers substitutes for a headboard under a low-angled eave.

To see lots more photos of Ivy’s flat, visit her Flickr page.

(Images: Ivy style33)