Inspiration: Fall’s Compostable Decor

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Back home, the ushering in of fall always meant hues of orange and brown, most of which come directly from the back yard garden. Fall brings with it natural warm, rich colors that are perfect for bringing some outside in. So we thought we’d share a few ideas for decor that can set the mood for your home and then be tossed into the compost pile when it’s time to turn to the winter holidays.

We turned to Better Homes and Gardens to add to the inspiration folder.

The austere look of sticks and twigs lends itself to either a modern look or a rustic one (funny how it can go both ways). We can imagine a few well-placed twigs atop a stark white background, or adding to a centerpiece on a simply-set table. At BHG, they tied a few twigs and berries together with twine, hung them on the wall, and used it to hold photos.

Squashes make beautiful centerpieces. Head to your local farmer’s market and pick up acorn, butternut, or any available heirloom variety, and decorate with it before you eat it. Squash have a nice shelf life, so they’ll be happy to sit as a centerpiece before you’re ready to eat ’em.

Don’t forget to gather leaves, either. The transformative colors of fall are sublime and comforting, so why not bring them into your home? Pile them into a wooden bowl, or scatter them artfully on a mantle.

And when it’s time to change seasons, don’t forget to toss your fall decor into the compost heap.

Any other tips for compostable fall decor?

All photos via Better Homes and Gardens.