Inspiration For Outdoor Napping

Is there nothing better than an outdoor snooze? The sounds of birds chirping, leaves rustling in the breeze, a distant wind chime, waves lapping the sand…I’m feeling relaxed just thinking about it. Maybe your favorite spot is a folding chair on your building’s rooftop or maybe it’s in your backyard with a hammock under the trees. Here is some inspiration for you to start putting together a peaceful and restful space this summer.

Outdoor naps are often spontaneous but if you have an outdoor space you can easily create an ideal lounge or napping area. And for those of you who prefer to take your outdoor naps at the park or on the beach, you may want to invest in a portable, and comfortable, lounge chair. No matter where you rest your head we wish you sweet daytime dreaming.

Top row, left to right:

5. Daybed

Bottom row, left to right: