Inspiration: Sesame Streets' Bert-Inspired Home Tech

Inspiration: Sesame Streets' Bert-Inspired Home Tech

Anthony Nguyen
Mar 27, 2009

Sesame Street comes as a strange place to find ideas for your home, but strangely enough, blogger Sims found Bert as his main source of inspiration to model his home into an optimal space designed to satisfy any complaints our unibrowed friend would have. We're not sure whether the hints of yellow scattered throughout are of any indicator of the "Bert" influence, but feel free to take a full mini-tour of his space, to see the clever solutions and sensible tech design, whether or not it has to do with Bert at all.

One of our favorite features of Sims' place is the fact that everything is so well hidden and incorporated. With all of his A/V equipment behind him, including a Hitachi PJ-TX200 projector, an Xbox 360, and an Onkyo TX-NR905 receiver.

To get his movies on the big screen, he's hooked up his receiver to his desktop computers upstairs via a DVI -> HDMI cable and optical Toslink.

"It's very nice to avoid having your computer down here because it's pretty loud with all the fans."
In the Spring of 2008, he knocked down many walls from his early 1800s home and created a larger space to house all of his home tech goodies.

He tends to work downstairs most of the time now and never on his desktop. One reason for this is that his laptop, a classic Macbook Pro, takes care of almost everything he needs to do while comfortably sitting on his sofa.

The other reason being his sweet B&W DM683 speakers that brings his digital music collection and high-definition movies to life. With warm sounds, a warm fireplace, and a warm fuzzy Bert toy kicking back on his coffee table, it doesn't get much more cushy than this!

[Images: Sims161s]

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