Inspiration: Indoor Garden Center

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If it weren’t for the completely 70’s looking color palette we would swear this was a diy project right out of Readymade or Real Simple. Instead this sleek little indoor garden center is actually a hare older than we are: old enough, apparently, to be back in style:

From a 1978 copy of Better Homes and Gardens: Family Room Projects You Can Build, this Indoor Garden Center has a convenient collapsible shelf for potting, a covered cabinet for storing tools and three long shelves for wrangling your indoor plants. What seems most convenient is how shallow it is, perfect for a small space or on a balcony where you don’t want a giant shelving unit jutting out and taking up all the space. The sleek Scandinavian design looks totally modern–does anyone have a copy of the original book? Has anyone built anything similar?

(Image: back_garage licensed for use under Creative Commons)