Lili Diallo’s Interiors

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
click thumbnails for larger pics We featured Lili’s work previously on Apartment Therapy. Her
amazing loft was featured in Domino magazine last year. Her new work is just as inspiring with great use of color and wonderful compositions. More photos after

We came across Lili’s new work on the Habitually Chic blog. If you were a fan of Domino, many of the interiors will look familiar, as Lili worked for them as a stylist. She has the talent to create an elegant space with just a few pieces that fit perfectly together. Her ability to use unconventional furnishings give her work the feeling of unusual elegance and uniqueness. We love the ship crystal chandelier and the amazing wardrobe paired with the kilim pouf. We have always treasured hand made custom pieces and the richness that a simple rug, chair, or fabric can add to any room, becoming its focal point.

To dive in deeper into Lili’s stylist portfolio, check out her website.