Inspiration: Organizing by Color

We’re all looking for ways to get more organized, whether it’s at home or in the office. A great way to help stay organized is by utilizing color. The task of organizing by color isn’t as daunting or OCD as we may first think.

We’ve been organizing like crazy lately (you remember our Pack Rat ordeal!) and we’ve been thinking about jumping on the Organizing by Color bandwagon. We’ve been to friends houses that practice this method and we can’t help but think it looks amazing.

We’ve also noticed in some of our favorite House Tours that it’s a really popular form of organization and decoration. Personally, we find a collection of books much more appealing when like colors are grouped. Of course, books aren’t the only objects that look great when organized by color — collection of bowls, groups of chairs, art supplies, office supplies, etc.

Would/Do you organize by color?