Inspiration: Packing Light

070209luggage-01.jpgThere are more than just a few things we love about packing light for a trip. Whether it’s for two weeks or a weekend getaway up the coast–we love erring on the side of less is more…

Here are our favorite reasons to pack light–include yours in the comments!

  • We own only a carry-on suit case which means we don’t have to find a place to store a larger than life suitcase in our small apartment.
  • Packing light for a trip takes less time. You can spend the evening before your trip out of town relaxing and researching things you’ll do first (instead of folding clothes).
  • It’s a cheaper and a faster method of travel. You won’t incur fees if you don’t check your bags. Plus–no waiting in line once you’ve arrived at the airport. All you have to do is print your boarding pass the night before and head straight to the security line. On top of that, once you arrive at your destination, you’re able to leave the airport immediately and start your trip. No need to wait at the baggage zone since you already have your luggage.
  • When you return home, unpacking is a breeze since you only took a carry-on.

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    (Image: Flickr member geishaboy500 licensed for use under Creative Commons)