Inspiration: Princess Rooms You Can Live With

Confession time: Personally, we’re not into the “princess” look. Having two boys means that we probably won’t ever have to cross that bridge (though, hey! who knows?), but we can’t help wondering how we’d handle a princess-room request in a parallel universe. So we started digging through the Ohdeedoh archives and found these gorgeous rooms that belie the commonly held belief that all princess-inspired rooms must be syrupy-sweet and feature certain franchised animated-film characters whom *ahem* we won’t trouble to name here.

These rooms run the gamut from sophisticated to playful, but some common ideas are:

  • Avoid the over-use of pink, and instead use it as an accent color.
  • Rather than pink, try neutral colors like gray or white, or dramatic shades of purple or orange. The pink that you do use will pop against these backdrops.
  • Tented beds and/or ceiling decor are a must.
  • Layer bedding and pillows in a mix of colors, patterns and textures.
  • Fairy lights are a nice touch, too.
  • Just have fun with the theme instead of taking it too seriously. Remember that the whole princess thing is a phase and that the core of the room’s design should be just as lovely even with all the princessy elements removed.

Rooms pictured, from left to right: