Inspiration: Rachel Whiting Photography

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
click thumbnails for larger pics The other day on her Real Simple blog, the fabulous Holly Becker alerted us to the existence of Rachel Whiting, a British photographer whose interior work is simply stunning. The quality of light and color in the photos is artful in itself, but they’re also worth perusing because her styling is so skillful. Here are a few things her photos reminded us about the arrangement of objects and furniture…

1- Putting many different shades of a single color to use can create an interesting layered effect. This is an especially useful principle if you aren’t confident about how to choose colors properly. Think about bringing in the same color at different levels of saturation. (This should help all of you Week Four curers!)

2 – Mixing industrial objects with ethnic prints and patterns is, if done judiciously, a great way to achieve a chic bohemian look. The sleek task lamp is a nice contrast with the ceramics collection displayed here.

3 – Houseplants that are low to the ground add interest to a part of the room that’s often overlooked. They’re a good way to add texture to that dead space between a rug and a tabletop.

4 – Putting household items to work in unexpected ways—like using a blanket as a tablecloth, or tossing a few silk pillows on an outdoor chair on a nice day—is a great way to instantly update the look of your home for guests.

5 – Hooks for a landing strip need not be confined to shoulder height. In an indoor/outdoor transition space, there might be a use for lower hooks for things like boots, bags, and tools… and the aesthetic effect is cute, like a mural comprised of everyday objects.

For lots more inspiration, click over to Rachel Whiting’s portfolio. Her bedrooms and landing strips are our favorite shots, but there are more inspiring interiors from every corner of the home.