Inspiration: Stylish Wall-Mounted Dishwasher Shelf System

Inspiration: Stylish Wall-Mounted Dishwasher Shelf System

Range Govindan
Aug 13, 2009

In any home, there is a certain amount of dirty dishes that is generated when people eat. For decades, it has always been the same routine. Either wash them by hand and let them dry or put them in the dishwasher. After they are clean, you put them back into the cupboard. It has been this way for a very long time. However, Toma Brundzaite has come up with an interesting concept. It shortens that routine significantly. Want to find out more? See after the jump!

Bifoliate was created by Lithuanian designer Toma Brundzaite for the Electrolux Design Lab competition. Bifoliate has got two cabinets. While one washes dirty dishes, the other one has clean dishes. The cleaning cycle uses ultrasonic wave technology, as well as traditional water jets. When one compartment is done, the doors swivel to cover the other compartment and start the washing cycle over again. Bifoliate is space-saving. The ultrasonic waves allow for very small jets to be used. These jets are located on the swivel door.

We think that this is a great idea, although it wouldn't really work for larger households. It would look great in a bachelor pad or small apartment. One or two people living together don't generate that many dirty dishes, which is why Bifoliate would work well in these situations. We think that larger versions wouldn't work well because the swivel door system would get too heavy. Still, it's an interesting idea.

[Electrolux Design Lab via Yanko Design, images by Toma Brundzaite]

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