Playroom Inspiration & Tips from Our Tours

Playroom Inspiration & Tips from Our Tours

We're having a bit of a playroom crisis in our home. I adore my daughter's endless creativity and imagination, but her "club house" is overtaking her entire bedroom and morphing into one big pile of mess. Perhaps it's time for me to turn that currently catch-all junk room into an actual functioning playroom, huh? But how to entice her to choose to play elsewhere? For ideas, I turn to playrooms previously featured on Apartment Therapy.

What all of these rooms share is an eye for organization and keeping things within reach of the child. Yet in other ways these spaces are quite varied. No matter what the size of your home or where your children play, there's surely something here for you.

1. MAKE THE SPACE COMFY FOR ALL YOUR CHILDREN. My Room: Henry & Holly. "Mum" had a bit of a challenge with children of opposite genders and in different age groups. She did a particularly brilliant job here with color. Marrying aquas and vibrant reds creates an atmosphere the whole family can enjoy.

2. PUT A PLAY HOUSE OR TENT IN THE MAIN SPACE. In Eva's Play-filled Corners, her parents share their living area with the toys, but she has her very own tent to camp out in. This works well for small spaces, and when the playroom/bedroom is not on the main floor.

3. EMBRACE THEIR SPIRIT WITH COLOR. My Playroom: Ruby May Lovejoy - This space is as exuberant as her name. How my children would squeal at the site of that rainbow play house!

4. GIVE EACH CHILD A SPOT OF THEIR OWN. In the case of Unused Dining Room Turned Playroom, the parents gave a separate easel to each child in the family. Seems super smart to me, not to mention this used to be their dining room!

5. DON'T BE AFRAID TO SHARE. Dee's Dual Craft Room Don't have an entire room to devote to the toys? You're not alone. Dee got "crafty" by divvying up her craft room with her kids.

6. OPTIMIZE SPACE. In Adella & Nolan's Bright & Airy Playroom the books are on easy-to-reach shelves that are flush with the wall, which creates more space to spread out and read them. Simple spice racks can do the trick as well.

7. MAKE AN EASY DISPLAY ART WALL. Amelia and Jack's grandparents score big points making a room just for them. We love how they displayed these flashcards in A Modern Playroom at Grammy & Grampy's House, and think it has potential to be a do-it-yourself art wall in the future.

8. INCORPORATE "REAL LIFE" ON A SMALL SCALE. Estela & Ada's "Waldessori" Playroom is equipped with miniature brooms and mops. Children love to imitate us, so encourage them to take care of their space on their own. Additionally, this room's devotion to music didn't go without notice.

9. DESIGNATE THE SPACE. My Playroom: Kaitlynn Kaitlynn's room has very clearly delineated spaces for different activities: From the train table to the play kitchen to a space for art, she has a place to go for different interests.

10. UTILIZE THE "USELESS". In A Firestation and Play Kitchen Under the Stairs, parents adopted the negative space in their house, and managed to incorporate their son's love of firemen to boot.

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