SenseWare at Tokyo Fiber 2009

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The second Tokyo Fiber exhibition is being held in Milan, Italy and the theme is Senseware. Senseware is used as an attempt to inspire designers to create innovative technology in fabric and textile form. They can then take the innovative fabric and transform it into whatever they want. Some of these creations seem straight out of story books, but don’t worry — you really can balance your coffee cup on an air filled piece of polyester!

A few of the more interesting home decor elements at Tokyo Fiber ’09 are: A chair made out of the unconventional material Carbon Fiber. The look of the chair is super sleek and streamlined — as well as extremely innovative due to the material and shape. Another favorite of mine are the “tableclothes that billow up when filled with wind“, strong enough to hold your coffee cup filled with your favorite morning brew. Theatre Products is a team of fashion designers that chose to use Polyester ultra microfiber to create these whimsical tables.

1 Shigeru Ban: Carbon Fiber Tenax Chair
2 Shigeru Ban: Carbon Fiber Tenax Chair
3 Antonio Citterio: Finex Couch
4 Antonio Citterio: Finex Couch
5 Theatre Products: Ultra-microfiber (Table)

6 Theatre Products: Ultra-microfiber (Table)
7 Nendo: Smash (Lamps)
8 Nendo: Smash (Lamps)

The Senseware exhibition for Tokyo Fiber ’09 will be on display from April 22-27 at the La Triennale di Milano.