UnIkea by Kenyon Yeh

While I love IKEA, building some of the larger pieces can be a challenge for a person like me — I only half-digest directions, think of recipes as guidelines and prefer to wing it rather than follow a map. Even if I do manage to follow the IKEA directions, I’ll take shortcuts. My luck can go either way. Either I’ll finish building a piece only to find out that it’s crooked, misshapen or that some major part has been forgotten or I’ve discovered a new way to put something together that makes more sense. Kenyon Yeh clearly has that second kind of fortune favoring him.

Taking liberties with the pieces that are at the heart of what I love most about the Swedish giant — how it can be adapted to fit your needs — Yeh assembles the pieces into new basics that bear little resemblance to the original designs apart from their similar names and sturdy functionality. This goes beyond using the Expedit bookcase with or without the back, throwing the Ludde sheepskin onto a small chair or using it as a cozy rug or the thousand and one things to do with a Lack table — and straight into the untamed wilderness at the far reaches of Ikeahacker territory. The results are unique and witty and definitely not mass produced.

For more information, see I Am Kenyon | Unique IKEA.

Images: Kenyon Yeh