Shopping at Your Local Library

100908library-08.jpgWe had a guy friend in college that used to check out books from the library to impress his dates. He’d check out super pretentious authors and titles and lay them around his apartment and his unsuspecting date was none the wiser (until after date two when she would realize he’d never read any of the books). We’d never check out books at the library to impress guests but we have considered checking out books to decorate. Read why checking out books at the library (other than for the purpose of reading) is a great idea after the jump.

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Two reasons why checking out books at the library is a great idea

  • Decoration You’re planning a party and have little money left to decorate. You can check out books by color and arrange them accordingly or stack them interestingly on the wall. A large grouping of books can make a room feel cozy or a few select books on design or art will keep your guests busy while you’re cooking up a storm.

    Organizing Books By Color For a Change

  • Rotation, Rotation, Rotation Art Museums stock a huge quantity of paintings and art and usually only display twenty percent of their collection at a given time. That way, when you visit your favorite museum three months later, there’s new art to look at. You can apply the same principle to your library books. Your library books can be the one thing you change to give the space a fresh look.

    Books as Adornment


    Have you ever checked out books at the Library to decorate your apartment?

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