Inspired Snow Art: Alternatives To Snowmen

Did your town get walloped with snow this week? Perhaps it’s still coming down. Sure you and your kids could get out there with your carrot and scarf for a traditional snowman – or – you could try something really rad like these inspired pieces of snow art.

Apartment Therapy’s CTO, Scott Trudeau, tipped us off to this excellent dinosaur (top photo) which his friend created to delight his kids. Consider us delighted, too! It was likely a nod to Draw A Dinosaur Day which is definitely going on our calendar for next year.

A stoop snow dog on my Brooklyn block (photo 2) has been a sensation with my son and we visit it every day. The rest we found on Flickr to get even more of your creative juices flowing.


Image credits:
1. via Scott Trudeau
2. Snow Dog by Carrie McBride
3. Treehugger Bear uploaded by Flickr member akk_rus
4. Elephant uploaded by Flickr member Thomas Guest
5. Snow Bunny uploaded by Flickr member calico_13
6. Slinky Dog uploaded by Flickr member daily invention
7. Snow Man Waiting by Flickr member BoogaFrito
8. Painted Snow Bear by Flickr member Binary Ape
9. Snow Rat by Flickr member by Photocapy
10. Tiger in the Snow uploaded by Flickr member Maureen Lunn