Inspiring Outdoor Bathrooms

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

My sister and I used to spend a few weeks with our grandparents on the eastern shore of Maryland every summer. While I loved going to the beach I hated my Gramps’s rule that returning beach-goers must bathe outdoors in a dark, make-shift, outdoor shower whose regular inhabitants—giant spiders—didn’t seem too pleased to see me either.

Even with that bias in place, I have to say I am totally swooning at the idea of an outdoor bathroom after seeing these inspiring images!

Granted, many of these come from vacation villas and not year round homes, but if I lived in the right climate and my neighbors were a safe distance away, I think I’d be tempted to take to the open air for my daily ablutions.

What do you think? Is open air bathing something you like to do? Would you consider adding an outdoor shower or bathtub to your home?