Inspiring Sleep Solutions from Studio House Tours

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If creating an organized and relaxing bedroom seems hard, then carving out a suitable dreamspace right in the middle of your living room may seem impossible. However, sifting through the many studio apartments that we’ve featured on Apartment Therapy, you’d hardly guess the challenge. Often, the “bedroom” is the most inspiring area.

Each studio presents the unique spatial challenge of squeezing a bedroom into a living area. Let’s take a look at how these studio dwellers have maximized their mileage:

Jeremy’s Elegant Efficiency Jeremy embraced a simple but high contrast and luxe-feeling color palette — blacks and golds with white accents — for his whole 415 square foot studio, and used black curtains behind the sofa to section off a cozy bedroom. The dark, uniform color choices enhance the tiny space’s luxurious and sophisticated appeal. Check out his entry for a floorplan.

Manuela’s Clean Romantic. Manuela tucked her bed in a closet, and adorned it with simple accents that echo the understated and laid back appeal of the rest of her studio. No frills but well balanced bedding and bed frame keep the closet from looking the least bit cluttered.

Lucas’ Stylish Studio Lucas used the same wall color throughout his 520 square feet, but sectioned off his sleeping area with open bookshelves— a popular and affordable option for studio dwellers. The shelves provide at least the illusion of privacy while allowing light to filter into both areas.

Revisiting Natalie’s Alcove Studio Natalie’s home has become an Apartment Therapy favorite, and for good reason. She’s taken on the challenges of tiny (as in 285 square foot) studio living with seeming ease, and without skimping on style or efficiency. Her beautiful curtained alcove bed is the both the focal point and the most private area. She’s tied it onto the rest of her home with black trim reminiscent of her window treatments and neutral colors for the large expanses of material, but has given it it’s own unique appeal with layers of accent pillows.

Kristin’s Cozy Village Studio Kristin tucked her sleeping area into an alcove and tied it into the rest of her apartment with bedding that picks up on the other textiles in the room.

Stefan’s Inspired & Eclectic Studio Stefan incorporated his daybed into his main seating area, doubling the space for lounging and company. The bedding and throw pillows tie in so well with the rest of the room’s accents that people often ask him where his bed is, not realizing that they’re sitting on it.

Ida’s Sugar Hill Studio Ida angled her bed into the brownstone’s window area, making for an airy and elegant dreamspace. White, simple but plush bedding give the bed dreamy appeal without dominating the focus of the room.

Caroline’s Pint Size Retro Whimsy On A Budget Caroline tucked in a queen size bed between her fridge and office, tying it in with a uniform but inviting white color palette. Having the furniture mimic the wall color allows her to have full size furnishings without making her 475 square feet seem the least bit crowded by bulky furniture.

Mike’s Surprising Student Studio Mike and his father built a lofted bed that allowed him to tuck in a workspace underneath. The white bedding ties the area into the whites, blues, and blacks of the rest of his studio.

Paul’s Perfectly Suited Studio Paul’s bed is a wonderful example of how to tie in a potentially bulky piece of furniture. His bedding picks up on the crisp, masculine vibe of the rest of his studio. You notice the bed, but it doesn’t look the least bit out of place since it mimics and enhances the tailored feel of the room.

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