Inspiring Spaces

The month of October may have felt like a short one but it was full of diy and thrifty projects from parents. Most of these rooms were done on a literal shoe string budget and are full of all sorts of surprises. They’re worth a look for any parent looking for a big impact with a little price tag!

Luca & Gia’s Simply Smashing Shared Space: “But I would have to admit that doing this whole room for about $100 makes me proud. Most of it is secondhand and it definitely was a labor of love to gather it all. After 2+ years in this house, we have just recently put some finishing touches on their room.”

My Room: Merry’s Almost Here Baby: “I knew I wanted a Fall/Halloween color theme as its my favorite time of year and the baby’s due date! My husband and I got married in October too, so its a meaningful month.”

Israel’s European Room in Idaho: “I wanted his room to feel fun and childish but without compromising on design. I’d like to think it’s somewhat modern but still visually stimulating and inviting for him.”

Logan’s Colorful Dinosaur Room: “We were trying to do this as a surprise for my son’s 5th birthday. Trying to plan it and gather materials and take measurements with him around was tough. We sent him away for the weekend with his grandmother and we had to work day and night to finish it before he returned. “

My Room: Mattie Jane: “I also feel so inspired when I see a room where the design incorporates DIY projects. I made it my mission to do as much on my own as possible, not only to have a budget friendly room, but to feel rewarded too.”

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