Instagram Envy: You’ll Want to Redo Your Closet Right Now

published May 9, 2017
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Even if you’re at a Monica-Geller-level when it comes to neatness, a closet can always benefit from a quick tidy. From rogue purses thrown onto wrong shelves, to sweaters dumped onto chairs in a hurry, to belts fallen to the carpet, more often than not our closets are in a bit of a mess. But what you’ll quickly discover is that if you buy (or make!) the proper organizational homes for each piece in your closet, it’ll be so much easier to keep it clean. From bins for your hats and special separators for your belts to clear boxes to store your shoes, if everything has a place, that’s half the battle right there. In order to get you motivated to update and spruce up your own closet, here are inspirational Instagram photos that will make you want to get to it!

Stack Everything Into Clear Boxes

Do you already have a nice array of bins and boxes in your closet, but you still feel like it turns into an ungodly mess? If you’re taking down bins in search of one pair of shoes or that one specific gray knit, then a mess is quick to happen. Nix that problem in the bud by investing in clear-facing boxes like these. Locating shoes will be a breeze, as will finding a specific clutch or a particular turtleneck! That and it looks super attractive.

Tidy Your Top Shelf

Not everyone has the luxury of a big closet, but most of us do have that one top shelf. In order to utilize it in the best way possible, consider stacking a few of those clear-facing boxes together. As for your purses and bags, a neat bin earmarked especially for them will keep your purses from tumbling all over the place as you search for that one specific cross-body bag.

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Put In A Chest Of Drawers

If you have the closet space, consider wedging in a chest of drawers to keep a few odds and ends neat and tidy. You can easily use that space to stash your heels and flats, put away your favorite sweaters, organize your purses, or even tidily tuck away your belts and scarves.

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Get Your Undies And Tees Into Order

Rather than neatly folding your undies and tees, try investing in these separators that will keep them immaculate day in and day out.

Change The Way You Stash Your Belts

If you want a tidier, at-a-glance way to store your belts, try converting a drawer into a compartmentalized home. And the great thing is you can DIY these slats yourself at home – just check out this tutorial using foam, or this one with wood.

Store Your Shoes In Cubbies

If you have the space for it, try storing your individual shoes in their own cubbies for an immaculately clean look. You can buy something similar to this from Amazon here.

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Give Your Shelving Some Personality

If you already have boxed shelving in your closet, don’t be afraid to pep it up with some color or prints! You can follow this super cheerful color scheme, or you can even paper over the fronts of drawers or the backs of shelves with wallpaper or wrapping paper.

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Try Tapered Clothing Racks

It might feel like common sense to put your clothing racks straight across your closet space and then see if you can squeeze in any extra shelving, but don’t be afraid to break the mold! You can let your racks take the shape of stairs, where they’ll be placed more towards the bottom of the wardrobe rather than the top. That way you might be able to utilize the space a whole lot better.

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Put It All Into Bins

Everyone’s neatness levels are different, but if you feel like your sweaters and pants are constantly toppling over on their shelves, then it might be easier for you to put everything into bins. From certain clothes to bags and hats, it’s a great way to curb your messiness.

While everyone has a different closet – from size to amounts of shelving – we can all make our organizational aspirations happen. It just takes a little planning and determination. Happy tidying!