10 Instagrammers Say What Being Home Really Means To Them

published Nov 21, 2018
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Home: a word that can be used as a noun, adjective, and/or verb. While the definition is often associated with a physical place, it can certainly be more of a mental, emotional, or spiritual state. In other words, the concept of “home” varies—especially around the holidays when there is so much emphasis on it.

Right now, we’re seeing a lot of people revisiting the idea of home, whatever awaits or exists there for them. It can feel like everything, it can feel like nothing. But as we all experience this word in different ways, we wanted to hear what your thoughts were on the matter via Instagram—and valued the various responses we received.

See below for a pool of answers that each bring something different to the table. Like we said, there is no right answer to the question of “what being home really means.”

Running Around

“With divorced parents and being an only child, it’s super busy for me. But I love it.” —@ksims38

“It means my whole family under one roof and it’s crazy and loud and chaotic, but it’s home.” —@vlxvee


“Quiet moments spent away from technology and devices and enjoying real conversations” —@gypsyweave

“Enjoying family, but knowing how to pull away to be by myself/self-care when stressed” —@maggsical

“Being home means emotional healing” —@nish_7399

Staying Put

“Nothing. Not everyone has a ‘home’ to go to for holidays” —@amandaluh0526

“Having a cool quality time on my own at my first apartment.” —@maeesoul

Taking In It

“It feels like coffee on the back porch with Great Danes running around.” —@theheatherland

“Being home to me means being in safety. It feels like contentment and comfort.” —@vanessagraetz22

“Early mornings, cozy fireplace, hot coffee, nieces and nephews telling you how great you are” —@_kelli.i.am

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