This Brilliant $7 Find Instantly Solves Your Most Annoying Cord Problem

published Feb 7, 2024
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Credit: Carina Romano

You’ve probably been there: you plug in a cord behind a piece of furniture, only to find out your couch or armoire no longer sits flush against the wall, thanks to the bulky plug. And while this isn’t a huge issue, it is really annoying when you’re trying to make every square inch count . But if you feel like this is just a fact of life, think again.

An Instagram user found a genius solution for this problem, thanks to an outlet extender that moves plugs off the wall and to the side of the outlet.

“I can’t get this piece of furniture to sit flat against the wall because I have my lamp plugged in and the lamp cord sticks out,” Brittney from the Home & Kind Instagram account said in a recent video posted on Jan. 30. “The solution is simple. Grab one of these wall outlet extenders, and you can plug right into the side or bottom of this. You can add up to three cords to this outlet extender and they will sit flat against the wall allowing you to push your piece of furniture nice and flush.”

The ultra-thin outlet extender from PaeorRorL on Amazon not only creates a flatter surface behind your bureaus, beds, and couches, but it also provides more outlet space for your table lamps and chargers. And the 180-degree rotation allows you to plug the extender into either the top or bottom outlet, leaving the neighboring outlet unblocked.

“Impossible to find in stores. Works perfectly for furniture placement,” one five-star reviewer wrote on Amazon. “VERY flat.”

Another added, “I have been looking for a solution that would allow for a nightstand and also a dresser to be pushed up against a wall even with things plugged into the outlet behind that furniture. I FOUND IT. This wall outlet extender does exactly what it says it will do. I have a fan, clock radio and watch charger plugged into it and can still move the nightstand right up against the wall … A game changer!”

Chances are you probably didn’t know this issue could even be solved — but it certainly can! Grab a set of these flattening outlet extenders and take back that wasted space. 

Buy: PaeorRorL 3 Way Flat Wall Outlet Extender, $7.69