Want Better Instagram Photos? Do This!

Want Better Instagram Photos? Do This!

Range Govindan
May 4, 2012

There's no denying how easy Instagram makes capturing snapshots while on the go. The best part, besides the filters, is the ability to instantly share photos and push them to social networks. However, I've come across occasions where uploading then and there is not possible or unsafe. The workaround is an easy one and one that ironically can improve the quality of your Instagrams noticeably...

The 2-Step Tip for Better Instagram Photos:
Stop shooting photos with Instagram and shoot with your native iOS or Android camera app. Process your photos with Instagram afterward after handpicking the best.

The number one reason for poor Instagram photos is the same reason for poorly snapped photos using any camera: not taking enough time. By using your phone's camera app you can take several photos instead of just one like most people do, then later pick only the best from your virtual roll of film to Instagram.

Earlier today I was riding on my motorcycle and the sun was creating some scenic moment, shining dramatically through the clouds above. I pulled out my iPhone, with my motorcycle gloves still on, and snapped a few photos using the native iPhone camera app while I was pulled over. The whole process took a couple of seconds.

Later when I was safely out of traffic, I opened up Instagram, reviewed all the photos I had snapped, and then only processed the best of the bunch. I just needed to center them for Instagram's square format before applying the filter of my choice. Much safer, and reviewing a batch of images means picking out the best rather than settling for just one photo, offering yourself plenty of time to review which filters work best for each image rather than rushing.

Of course the trade-off is the instantaneous gratification of uploading "the moment" as it happens is lost, part of the appeal of social networked services like Instagram, and there will be times when good is good enough. But considering half the reason friends will like or comment on images depends upon the quality of the photos you're sharing, taking a little time before, during, and after snapping your photo can be the difference between a great photo and just one lost in the daily feed.

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(Images: The Hindu, Deerie, Flickr member Intrepid Flame licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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