What to Buy to Take Care of Your Instant Pot

updated May 3, 2019
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They call it the Swiss Army Knife of the kitchen for a reason: The ultra-functional, ultra-fast Instant Pot boasts seven functions, so you can saute your veggies, steam your rice, and pressure cook your protein in one, fell swoop. Sounds easy, right?

For the most part, it is. While the Instant Pot is attractive in large part for its convenience, using it—and caring for it—comes with a bit of a learning curve. So once you’ve got your Instant Pot (and, of course, your arsenal of recipes), what’s next?

Here are a few things you’ll want to include in your Instant Pot starter pack.

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Detail cleaning brush

While the inner pot itself can be immersed in water, you’ll want to detail clean the housing unit with a small brush since it contains electrical components. A small, detail cleaning brush like this one is perfect for removing dried food residue in the recessed area of the housing unit.

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Distilled white vinegar

Whether you hand-wash or dish-wash the pot, it’s common for stainless steel to develop a rainbowing effect. To keep the rainbows at bay, try soaking or wiping the pot with a distilled white vinegar solution.

You can also “steam clean” the silicone sealing ring by adding two cups of white vinegar or water and some cut-up lemon rind to the pot. Run the “Steam” program for two minutes with the sealing ring in place, then let it air dry.

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Additional sealing rings

Since the silicone sealing ring can pick up scents, it might make sense to have a backup or two on hand. Use one sealing ring for savory dishes, and another for sweeter items. It’s also nice to have an extra sealing ring should the original show signs of cracking or leaking.

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Mini mitts

When the inner pot is still too hot to grab, you may find standard oven mitts are too clunky. These ridged, silicone mini mitts were designed for removing the pot from the housing unit, making it easier to grip while you’re pouring Zuppa Toscana into a serving bowl.

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Storage bag

Collaborating on dinner at a friend’s place? Given its functionality, the Instant Pot could be your perfect companion for potlucks and get-togethers. To protect your seven-in-one workhorse, store it in this handy bag, which also has several zipper compartments for all cooking utensils and accessories you might need.