Integrating Laundry Facilities Into the Bathroom

For those readers lucky enough to have a working laundry setup in your apartment bathroom, you may or may not care that the hulking washing and drying machines can sometimes be an eyesore. After the jump are five strategies for incorporating this luxury function into your beautiful space.

1. Wedge your machines into an existing nook created by the bathroom walls, so they feel like they have a predetermined place and only their front sides are exposed into the room.
2. Obscure the machines behind screens or fabric, and use these to add a decorative accent.
3. Place the machines inside specially-sized cabinetry to hide the fact that they’re there completely, unless your guests decide to snoop.
4. If you have a wall of built-ins, try to purchase machines that can fit within them.
5. Leave machines exposed, but build cabinets around them so they’re better incorporated into the room plan.