This Is the Most Popular Interior Design Style In Your State

published Jun 17, 2019
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Ever wonder if preferred interior design styles might vary from state to state? We sure do. Are California beach towns heavy on the surf vibes indoors? Do the North Woods of the USA prefer the minimalistic Scandinavian design leanings as a byproduct of both climate and distant heritage? Maybe glam interiors are more popular in Nevada? Luckily, Joybird has come to the rescue with some factual state-by-state design data for the rest of us.

The brains over at Joybird had a hunch that favorite design styles might change from state to state—and they were right.

Credit: Joybird

Joybird went on to conduct a study, of a sort, to further understand the aesthetic palates of our 50 states’ constituents. Google was critical for this analysis—all of the results are based on numbers delivered straight from Google Trends. That is to say, these conclusions aren’t exhaustive by any means, but they’re close enough to being spot-on because, well, most of us do use the search engine.

Using a pool of 18 popular design styles, Joybird took a look at which one was searched for the most in every state, and what they came up with is pretty fascinating stuff. While some of the state-to-style associations make a kind of intrinsic sense, there are a few pairings that might surprise you. Take California, for example. No one should be surprised to learn that the most searched for interior design style in the state is “Hollywood Regency.” When in Rome, right?

Some of the less obvious couplings are Nebraska and Art Deco as well as Montana and Industrial. Are you surprised as to your state’s interior design style? Let us know in the comments below!