Interior Designer ID, PhD, MA, AIA, MOO!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

To certify or not to certify, that is the question. News is floating around that, yet again, there is a push in New York City to require interior designers to be certified if they are legally to use the title: Interior Designer. The IDLNY (Interior Designers for Legislation in New York) has pushed the issue to its recent incarnation where a proposed legislation requiring certification sits before the New York State Assembly. We reported that a Town Hall meeting on the subject was scheduled for later this month at Knoll, but we see that it has been postponed until further notice. What’s going on, ya’ll? And what do ya’ll think?

Some of the central issues surround not only weeding out non-serious ‘interior designers’ from using the term, but also allowing TRUE Interior Designers to sign off on some drawings that previously required the signature of a liscenced architect. This would not be good for architects, now would it? Can I stil be a Decorator? MGR