Internet Catastrophe! Who Else Works at Home?

Internet Catastrophe! Who Else Works at Home?

Heather Blaha
Mar 6, 2007

Apologies for the light posting yesterday, but Janel was left as a lone blogger (thanks, Janel!), while I spent hours on the phone with tech support trying to figure out why I had no DSL connection. After getting transferred to all the wrong people, I hung up with the "advice" that it was my modem and I should just buy a new one. After an hour of collecting myself and figuring out how to proceed with my frustrating day, I called back and spoke with a wonderful, intelligent person, willing and able to help...

Alas! He acknowledged that there had been several complaints from my area, and that according to my service record, none of the many people I spoke with earlier had run ALL of the proper tests. Then he found the culprit: Moisture in the cable box 8,100 feet away from my home. How specific, and how Chicago-appropriate to blame the weather!

We are wondering how many of you rely on your home internet service daily for work. It was so difficult to be reminded that we don't have a Tech Department down the hall who just comes by and fixes whatever we need on a whim. We tend to get a little freaked out and really hate it when our self-structured at-home work day comes to a hault because of our increasing reliance on the internet.

So, how many of you also share in the joys (and occasional pitfalls) of working at home??

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