Interviews with Children

Interviews with Children

Jackie Boucher
May 31, 2011

Would you think it strange if you asked someone a simple question such as "What sort of music do you like?" and they replied "I like bananas in their jamas and I like their teddies...I like crumbs and I like the toast bite and I like dinosaurs and I like the newspaper man..."? OK, but what if that someone was 3 years old? Then it's totally charming, right? Dumbo Feather Magazine is featuring interviews with little people that are oh-so-delightful that we can't resist reading them. Want to know how you can get involved?

Dumbo Feather is a quarterly magazine of in-depth interviews with a wide range of inspiring people from around the globe. The magazine is currently also working with Portland artist, Harrell Fletcher, on including kiddie interviews. Well you can imagine the hilarity that comes from that! So where do you come in? You and your child can participate in the project too. Don't have your own children? Borrow one! With parental consent of course. All you need to do is document the child's answers to your questions and submit them, with a photo, here.

I took the idea for a test drive with my 7 year old and this is what happened over dinner last night:

Me: "Were you playing hockey on the rooftop today after school?"

Spenser: "No."

Me: "What were you doing when I came to pick you up?"

S: "We were playing watchyamacallit."

Me: "How do you play that?"

S: "Just kidding. We were trying to figure out the secret code for the secret passage. We think there is a secret passage somewhere on the rooftop."

Me: "Oh. How come you are not eating your dinner?"

S: "I'm not NOT eating, it's just that I don't think the tomato sauce and the noodles go well together. The tomato sauce is a little bit squishy and you can tell it has tomatoes in it. I don't think it matches with the flavor of the noodles. Do you know what pee-oh-pee-oh-pee-oh-peeeeeeee is?

Me: "No. What is it?"

S: "It's what baby chicks say"

Just a simple conversation, not unlike any we've ever had, and yet the process of documenting it highlighted for me just how whimsical, playful and well, charmingly creative childhood is. Oh, and blunt.

Check out some of the interviews on their site for ideas on the type of questions to ask but you can make up your own too. There seems to be a bit of a run on the topic of bats right now which your little one may want to chime in on.

(Image: Harrell Fletcher)

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