Invisible Ink

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It is a good week for a little magic, especially if you have kids anxiously awaiting the last installment of Harry Potter. In anticipation of the book release, we have been looking for ways to bring a little magic to every day life, and are thinking now is the time to introduce a few children of our acquaintance to the magic of Invisible Ink.

While it shows pink in the bottle, on paper the ink goes on invisibly, only legible when the paper is held over a heat source such as a lightbulb.

This would be a fun trick for secret messages, if you plan on showing the kids how you did it, or as bona fide magic if you plan on hiding the bottle away! Be warned though, Invisible Ink works best with glass and quill pens, so this isn’t for the very littles to be messing about with. But for older kids, who could use a good dose of magic, this might be just the ticket. One bottle of ink is $16.00 – quills not included.

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