IOGEAR’s USB Optical Calling Mouse

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The mice have ears. Well, at least if you talk to this mouse and happen to have an audio chat program installed, then someone will hear you.

IOGEAR’s USB Optical Calling Mouse is marketed towards Skype users or other internet-based audio chat software. The standard mouse has a microphone integrated in it, allowing for you to chat via these services. However, we think it’s a great way to add a microphone to an older computer setup, without needing an extra device. We’re also digging its bright red color, and think it would add a bit of pizazz to your desktop.

The main flaw we see is that we don’t think it would work very well for those who talk and surf at the same time. Unless they’ve developed technology that only picks up the sound of your voice, your chat partner is going to hear you dragging the mouse around. Or worse, they won’t hear you at all if your hand is covering the mic.

Available here for $39.99.