iPad Pole: A Standing Innovation?

iPad Pole: A Standing Innovation?

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 14, 2010

Ah, who would've thought they'd start sticking iPads on poles now. Although, to be honest, it doesn't seem all that bad of an idea. Given all the funny postures we find ourselves playing around with our tablet computers everyday (many of which include sitting and laying down in awkward positions), the idea of standing doesn't seem all that bad.

Officially coined "The iStand" (you kinda saw that coming, didn't you?), the elegant Danish-designed stand takes aim at the industrial loft home owner and customers who enjoy browsing catalogs and menus at commercial venues.

The more we think of it, the more it seems like the natural evolution of things to throw a docking station in the form of a situated stand. Especially if you're looking to make your iPad the dedicated home automation machine, we really can't imagine a better way to showcase your techno-savvy lifestyle.

Then again, thinking about how a pretentious nightclub can start picking this up as a way to charge you an extra $10 at the door makes a shiver go down our spine.

The iStand by InSilico features a space for a dock-cable and allows security bolts to house the iPad to prevent stealing/tinkering/hacking of your beloved Apple goods. Additionally, it comes packaged with two dedicated apps for CMS (content management) called iCatalogue and iMagazine (PDF display CMS). Just make sure you don't forget to lock the software settings as well if you plan on making use of it in a public space.

No pricing has been announced for the iStand as of today, but we imagine a few clever individuals out there are already on their way to the hardware store to pick up some PVC piping and making their own customized DIY version of the iStand. Just make sure to send us the design when you're finished!

[Via Wired]

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