App Lets AT&T Know if Coverage Stinks at Your House

There’s something about apartment buildings that cell phone service (on all carriers!) doesn’t like. But being the urban dwellers that we are, we wouldn’t leave our concrete tree house for anything. Instead, we’ll just use the “Mark the Spot” app to tell one carrier where they need to improve.

“Mark the Spot” (iTunes link) is an official iPhone app from cell carrier AT&T and absolutely free. The app lets you report dropped calls, failed calls, lack of coverage, data failure, and poor voice quality. You can use the iPhone’s internal GPS to pinpoint your location and plot exactly where in the world your horrible cell experience happened.

The whole app just makes it easier for AT&T to pinpoint especially problematic areas for reception and, ideally, to get the brains at headquarters working on fixing the poor service areas.

It’s sure to be a popular App for our New York City Unplggd readers. Apple admits that the average iPhone in NYC drops 30 percent of calls. Yikes!

(Apartment Image: Flickr user back_garage under license from Creative Commons.)