iPhone App Store

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve all known the joy of test-driving new system software, but Apple’s iPhone 2.0 software update takes it to a new level.

Although we love the variety of applications available through the iTunes App Store, trying to separate the good from the bad in the initial release is a little overwhelming. Below are a couple must-haves (all free), but let us know which app is your new favorite. –Taylor

  • Social Networking/AIM: Finally, an embedded replacement for expensive SMS!
  • Music/Pandora Radio: Streaming radio on your phone! Even works with the slower original iPhone and iPod Touch (Touch requires 2.0 software purchase).
  • Entertainment/Remote: Control iTunes as it plays on another computer.
  • News/NYTimes: A streamlined version of the New York Times website.
  • Travel/Lonely Planet Phrasebook series: Just like a standard phrasebook, but each phrase can be played aloud.