iPhone Update: Over 1,000,000 iPhone 3G S Sold Over the Weekend

iPhone Update: Over 1,000,000 iPhone 3G S Sold Over the Weekend

Range Govindan
Jun 24, 2009

The iPhone 3G received a product update last week and loads of people decided to wait hours in line to be able to get their new shinning iPhone 3G S. Were you among those lusting after the new model? We enjoy it when good products get better, and in that respect, the new iPhone definitely hits the mark. Since it's launch on Friday, over a million iPhone 3G S were sold. In the midst of this successful launch, there was also a report from the Wall Street Journal, which seemed like an intentional leak, about the health of Apple icon Steve Jobs.

Friday's launch of the iPhone 3G S was a resounding success. Initial figures reported that over a million iPhones were sold over the weekend. But is the new iPhone really worth the purchase? The iPhone is great, but there is one thing that absolutely needed to be improved: the camera. The 2MP camera was just not good enough. It looks like it was put on the iPhone almost as an afterthought. SonyEricsson has been making better camera phones for years. Finally, with this new product update, the iPhone received a new and improved camera. It's a 3MP camera that really hits the mark. You can even take HDR photos with it! The camera comes with an auto-focus and improved software to make taking photos just plain easier. It can also do spot-metering and finally does video as well. Andy Ihnatko from the Chicago Sun Times has posted analysis and tests on his Flickr site. The photos look like they were taken from a camera, not a phone.

Apple says that most apps will run twice as fast on the new iPhone. You can also share your 3G connection with your MacBook using internet tethering. One interesting new feature allows you to find the iPhone if it ever gets stolen. You can also remote wipe all of the data on your iPhone, making sure that no one can steal it. That's something that can be quite useful.

While this has been a boon for Apple, some other news was leaked to the Wall Street Journal early on Saturday morning. It was actually published around midnight on Friday. From the way that the article was written and some great insight by John Gruber of Daring Fireball, it's apparent that this information was intentionally leaked by Apple. Steve Jobs got a liver transplant in Tennessee to help treat an unconfirmed medical condition. The transplant happened about two months ago.

The chief executive has been recovering well and is expected to return to work on schedule later this month, though he may work part-time initially.

The reason why it took place in Tennessee was that there are no residency laws for transplants and the average waiting time to receive one is about 48 days, whereas the national average is 306 day. Initial news of the success of the new iPhone sent Apple's stock soaring. It was brought down on Tuesday when the news of Jobs' health was received and then started back up again since then. [top image via Nomad, others via Apple]

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