iPhone vs Mother Nature: 3 iPhone Outdoors Accessories

iPhone vs Mother Nature: 3 iPhone Outdoors Accessories

Eric Chen
Nov 23, 2011

We think everyone can agree, iPhone is a beautifully designed hardware with two pieces glass wrapped around the aluminum antenna. But for those of us on the move, the hardware is definitely not a device that seems like it can take a beating from mother nature. We've found some awesome accessories that will prepare your iPhone for the rigors of outdoor activities while providing extra benefits that will utilize your phone's mobile computing prowess.

Armband is a must for runners who wants to take their iPhone on the go. It frees up your sweaty hands from having to hold the iPhone and avoid the need to leave it flopping in your pocket. Reputable iDevice manufacturer Belkin and Incase both make armbands for the iPhone 4/4S, we like that both are made from breathable materials that will allow your skin to breath while you're exercising. And to prevent your headphones from getting in your face, both armbands provide a place to secure your headphones.

iPhone is a great device for navigation and tracking your route, but mounting the iPhone is always a bit tricky. Sure you can use universal mounts, but the risk of dropping your iPhone is always a possibility. We like iBike's Dash series specifically designed for the iPhone. The Dash wraps your iPhone a fortified protective casing, and provides not only protection from dropping but also from shock and rain. It is also compatible with ANT+ sensor a wireless sensor technology that is the standard for many cycling accessories manufacturers such as Trek and Giant, which allows users to track additional data such as speed, cadence and heart rate. iBike also provides both iOS and Mac/PC apps so you can track your progress and analyze the data on the go or at home

Hiking is an activity that can leave you off the grid for a prolonged period of time, which means you can be without cell reception for hours at a time. Avoid being stranded (like our own Jason Yang) and keep your maps with your with Mophie's Outdoor Editiion Juice Pack. Mophie, more well known for their battery cases, designed the Outdoor Edition with hikers in mind. Your iPhone will be like a baby in a blanket with inside Mophie's fully protective battery case, while keeping the the package lightweight so you don't feel like you're carrying a brick in your pocket. Mophie also gives you a 1 year subscription to its premium content of its Outdoor app, which includes 5 million square miles of hi-res maps to popular trails and points of interests. With an web app, you can plan you trips ahead on your computer.

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