IRL Inspiration: 5 Awesome Offline Ways to Get Fresh Decor Ideas

IRL Inspiration: 5 Awesome Offline Ways to Get Fresh Decor Ideas

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 9, 2015

No knocking the loads of ways you can get inspiration on your computer screen. From flipping through Pinterest boards, to scrolling down a particularly inspiring Instagram user's stream to your favorite design blog, design inspiration of all kind is out there on the world wide web. But what if you're tired of looking at a screen? What if you want a little adventure with your design inspiration? What if you're just looking for some fresh ideas for your space? Check out these awesome, analog ways to get home decor ideas.

Your favorite non-residential space

Where do you go when you want to soak up atmosphere, get invigorated or relax? Is it a local restaurant? A favorite design store in town? Or some other location? Next time you visit, don't just enjoy it as usual; take notes (mental or actual!). Notice how you feel in the space...and think about what is about the design that's making you feel that way. Not every idea you spot contributing to the vibe can be translated to your home, but you could get lucky. Then pay attention to

Your favorite stylish friend's home (or closet!)

Love a color on a wall in a stylish friend's home? Don't be afraid to ask! As long as you do something with that paint color in a different way in your home they shouldn't mind sharing those secrets. But instead of just paying attention to try and subtly steal decor ides — really notice how your stylish friend's home functions. How certain rooms are set up, how furniture is arranged, how art is hung — yes, lots of ideas can be found on Pinterest, but when you're at a friend's house, you can see ideas in action in real life. You can interview your friend to see how figured out problems in their home — and get ideas for yours if you have similar problems.

And don't ignore your fabulous friend's closet if they're stylish on their person, too. Pattern ideas, color palettes and texture ideas can jump out of a well-maintained closet (even if it's not yours!).

The library

Take a walk down the aisles of a library and search for design books from years past. From tomes that may give information about particular decades, to housekeeping books full of tips that could be dated or classic, you can learn a lot from old books. And the library is also a great way to peruse magazine issues for ideas from titles that aren't the ones you usually gravitate (or are willing to pay money on) toward.

The design book store

If the library can give you a glimpse into the past, design book stores are a window into the future of design. Though not every book store will let you thumb through the pages of books for sale, you can even get a ton of ideas from covers. You can get a temperature of what the trend are right now — and see if any of them are something you want to try on for size.

Your favorite spot in nature

Whether a local park, a hiking trail, a beach, a lake or some other natural place, nature is filled with inspiring ideas that can be brought into home. Pay close attention to colors and textures that you can incorporate into your space, but don't be afraid to snap real-life photos of your favorite spots in nature to bring into your home as art.

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