Is 1 Liter Of Water Enough To Wash Your Hands?

Is 1 Liter Of Water Enough To Wash Your Hands?

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 7, 2011

Although we do our best to conserve water at every turn, we're usually not faced with a physically limited supply of the good old H2O. But what happens when your faucet says, "Whoops! All gone!"?

Inside the glass chamber of this Korean-designed faucet lies 1 liter of water. 1 liter of water sounds like a great deal when you think about it occupying something more traditional like a water bottle. That would totally quench your thirst, right? But what about if you're little one is singing their ABCs while washing their hands? Would it be enough then?

Once the initial liter has been used, the unit then refills and allows you to use it immediately, but sparingly. A normal faucet puts out 6 times this amount of water in 30 seconds, so the question is, how much water do we really need?

Do you think this would be an eye opener for you, or just a giant glass banana shaped thing to clean or wipe toothpaste spit off?

(Image: Yanko Design)

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