Is an Organic Halloween Pumpkin Worth the Price?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A few days back, we asked about how to green Halloween. Well, the new Green, Inc. blog over at the New York Times is wondering why people would shell out more money for an organic Halloween pumpkin. Kate Galbraith wonders, “does it make sense to pay a premium for something you’re only going to carve up and put on display?”

We buy organic not because of health benefits—and anyway, humans are such lousy experimental subjects, it’s impossible to unequivocally prove that an organic diet is more healthy than a “conventional” one—but rather because we don’t like the unquestionably negative environmental impact of farming with pesticides and fertilizer. So, yes, if we buy a pumpkin this year, it will be organic… while we’re stewing on a Halloween-themed creative reuse project of our own, it’s likely we’ll just break down and buy a pumpkin.

Oh, and one more thing: Green, Inc. shares a great secret for inexpensive organic produce. She belongs to a co-op. A few hours of labor a month entitles her to a deep discount on organic produce. Her very own organic pumpkin cost just $1.07 a pound. Guess that means it’s worth the price.

Have you found organic pumpkins? How much are they in your neck of the woods?