Is Decorating an Addiction?

Is Decorating an Addiction?

Alysha Findley
Sep 21, 2012

I recently wrote about learning to finish what you start, and some of the comments sparked a thought in my head about the process of decorating. Is decorating an addiction? Follow me after the jump to see what I mean…

I know addiction is a strong word and has negative connotations, but let me explain. The basic definition of an addiction is a persistent, compulsive behavior. This can take on a few different forms: you can be addicted to a substance, or addicted to a process. Decorating falls into the latter category: it's about chasing a certain feeling. The discussion from that post was about why it can be hard to fully finish what you started before your attention starts to move on to the next project. The word 'euphoria' came up, which got my wheels turning.

Concepting, pre-visualizing and imagining the possibilities is how it all begins. Then the actual work commences and you start to see the progress of that dream becoming a reality. Next, all of the little pieces and details start gelling, and you almost lose time because you are so caught up and delighted in the process. Lastly, the piece is done or just about, and you can see the finished product realized. All of these steps create feelings of elation, excitement, hope and euphoria at different stages. Once that wears off and it becomes the norm, you can easily find yourself searching for the next big or little project.

The more I thought about this, the more it made me wonder if continual decorating, renovating, upcycling, etc. is partly about chasing this feeling. If it is non-destructive and keeps you creative and euphoric, then I am all for it. Being addicted to a good thing isn't always bad. I know that I fully see myself in this scenario, and I am 100% fine with it. In a large part, it makes me who I am, and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

What do you think? Can you relate?

(Image: Alex Fulton's Flirtatious Use of Crazy Color)

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