Is DIY Spray Foam Insulation a Bad Idea?

updated May 9, 2019
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While I’d love to stick denim insulation in my walls, it’s just not possible without ripping off all the sheet rock. So while the debate goes on for petroleum based insulation products that claim zero VOCs, R-values up to 7.4 per inch, and CFCs and Formaldehyde free, I’d argue that the one-time environmental cost would provide years of environmental savings. So about the DIY option …

In reading about spray foam online, most FAQ’s will say that it’s best left to the pros. So why are there multiple companies selling DIY spray foam kits, for existing homes?

Tiger Foam, Fomofom and Foam it Green make complete DIY kits with no mention of “only for the experienced.” True, it’s not cheap – but neither is heating your home.

These “slow rise formulas” are “designed specifically NOT to blow your drywall off the wall!” That sounds scary. I’m glad they’ve worked that out. It seems as though the biggest challenge then, is covering up all the little holes you have to drill in your walls, between every stud. I’d advise stocking up on some spackle and ensure you have left over VOC paint in the right colors for all your rooms.

But all this work sounds worth it, for a significant boost in insulation, decreasing the demand for heating and cooling, in addition to the sound dampening properties of foam.

Does anyone have any firsthand experience with one of these, or a similar DIY products?