A New Brand Claims It’s the Most Environmentally Friendly Paint in the World

updated May 3, 2019
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In the quest to create the most eco-friendly paint and most innovative, LEED-platinum buildings on the planet, one Spanish company is throwing it back with one of the oldest building materials known to man: lime.

Graphenstone, a completely new kind of paint manufactured by The Graphene Company in Seville, Spain, is a next-level eco-friendly paint using lime and graphene to create a product that’s not only super conductive (so that it better thermoregulates your home for improved energy usage) but it also naturally purifies the air.

“For the first time in history you’ve got this fusion of one of the oldest and most trusted building materials, lime, with the very latest nanotechnology,” The Graphene Company director Patrick Folkes told Dezeen. “What that has ended up producing is a product that has all the benefits of lime, which as you know is very breathable, antibacterial and absorbs smells and carbon dioxide, and class-one strength, like an acrylic product.”

Graphenstone uses lime from quarries near the company headquarters in Seville, Spain, where the purest qualities of lime in the world can be found, according to the manufacturer. But while this super-pure lime makes for highly absorbent and breathable paint, it lacks in strength, which is where graphene comes in. A hot material right now, made up of a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms that is just one atom thick, graphene has been proposed for everything from ultra-thin “more pleasurable” condoms to night-vision contact lenses.

Claiming it is “the most environmentally friendly paint in the world,” Graphenstone is quickly racking up European awards for innovation, sustainability, architecture, and construction, and to date Graphenstone is the only paint in the world to meet the Cradle to Cradle Gold Standard, according to a recent press release. The Graphene Company is also working closely in partnership with The Green Cities project.

Graphenstone paints currently come in both indoor and outdoor versions and over 1,000 colors. While currently only distributed exclusively in the UK and Europe, hopefully these will make their way to US markets soon.