Is Moving Too Stressful for a Child?

Is Moving Too Stressful for a Child?

Julia Cho
Jun 24, 2008

We saw this question over at Baby Shrink and thought it worth pointing out since many families move during the summer. A full-time single dad of a 5-1/2 year old little girl is about to move for the third time in three years in the same neighborhood. He is wondering how this will affect her emotionally...

Babyshrink's answer:

"At this age, your daughter is basically still tied to YOU, as her anchor in the world. The house is secondary, at best. What's best for YOU is best for HER. If you are happy, she will be, too."

She also recommends involving his daughter in the process, approaching the move like an adventure, and observing her carefully to make sure she is doing OK. She does advise that he settle down before school and friends become a crucial part of her life. You can find the complete question and answer here.

Here at Ohdeedoh, we're focused on the home with children. But how does that change when home doesn't stay in one place for long? Anyone else have any thoughts on moving with a young child or things you can do to make a new place feel like home right away?

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