Is Part of Your Home For Your Eyes Only?

Is Part of Your Home For Your Eyes Only?

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 22, 2014
(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

With today's social media landscape, we tend to showcase much of our private life out in public, especially when it comes to home. When you love design and are proud of your decor and DIY accomplishments, it makes sense that you'd both want to show off your space online and tour people through your home when they visit, especially when you live in small home and many rooms pull double duty.

But there's something to be said about keeping some spaces completely private and cherished, something shared just between you and those who share your home with you.

Not that long ago it was fairly uncommon for all guests in your home to enter your bedroom and other private spaces. More boundaries existed. And since Instagram wasn't invented, it certainly wasn't practice to take shots of your new furniture and post it online for review. These days, social norms have relaxed, and it's almost commonplace to see visitors explore just about all the rooms. And I for one am extremely guilty of capturing and posting vignettes from any room of my home.

Do you keep any part of your home private — just for yourself and those who live in your home with you, either by not allowing certain guests to enter those spaces when they visit, or not posting any photos online of those rooms? It could be because you want to keep a space private, or it could be because you feel it's unfit (too messy perhaps) for others to view? If you haven't set up physical and Internet boundaries in your space, do you wish you did?

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