Is the Elevator Garage the Next British Import?

Is the Elevator Garage the Next British Import?

Taryn Williford
Apr 6, 2009

You can thank those across-the-pond folk for bringing the Beatles, Coldplay and TV show The Office over here to the states. Whenever something's a hit in England, you can believe that we Americans are bound to take notice and copy the idea until we forget where it even came from. So keep an eye on that really ridiculously nice house on the end of your street and the apparently recession-proof guy that owns it. In several months, he's sure to have installed London's biggest luxury, the Pop-Up Garage...

In very James-Bondish style, affluent Londoners are calling these hidden parking spaces the next "must have" luxury.

To hide your Porche or Jag underneath the lawn, a planter or—oh the irony—the driveway, you can expect to shell out £40,000 (around $60,000 US) and wait for a long time. Londoners are on a four-month waiting list with the hydraulic garage manufacturer, Cardok, so we can't imagine how long it'll take them to start on any custom US orders.

Gotta say this idea is super sleek and probably a great security measure. But for those of us with regular hectic lives and regular paychecks, being able to raise our car from the ground with the push of a keyring button is probably an expensive inconvenience. So expensive that we'd only have a bike left to store after we got it installed.

[ Via Geekologie ]

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